W13: Weekly Relfection

This will be the final week of this Web Buisness Creation blog. As we role into finals week, I am forced to reflect on the many things that have been taught throughout the length of the semester. We have covers just about all things that apply to building and maintaining a profitable web business.

Our final topics this week were Ranking our website and Link building, as well as an overview on Google Analytics. The ranking we did was by a website called Woorank.com. The site Woorank helps to rank websites according to a lot of criteria. All of the criteria are checked for and added up in a point system value depending on the “impact” the specific criteria have. We were requested to go through the criteria and pick things that would help us to improve that ranking. This next week, we will implement those things to try to raise the Woorank score.

I spoke a few weeks ago about backlinks and this week we worked to build a few backlinks that would help our website. The last part involving Google Analytics was the most interesting due to the ability to see what ads, keywords, or audiences are your worst and best. This is a great tool to direct marketing plans in certain direction or play around and find one that will work best.

I have learned so much about the use of a website and its products that I plan to have multiple web businesses throughout my life. Once one has the fundamentals to build and run a business, they will be set for doing online business at very little overhead and cost.


W12: Weekly Reflection

This weeks main focus was on social media and using it’s different outlets to the advantage of our businesses. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are just a few that we have focused on. There are so many different free ways to reach out to customers and raise awareness of a product that it is unbelievable. I really enjoyed the overview that we were able to gain from the two assignments that we completed this week.

The first was called Social media for Search Engine Optimization. Social media can be used to form what called a backlink. I explained was a backlink was last week. These backlinks well help search engine to be able to rate a webpage better. Another huge aspect of using social media for SEO is generate more buzz or hype about a webpage will cause the search engine to find that topic easier and link it to a webpage. The more exciting or the higher rate at which it is trending will effect the way a search engine feels about a webpage.

The second assignment we completed was entitled Introduction to Social Media. We went over a few ways that we could use social media to help our businesses, as well as a few ideas of the sites that could be used. Many suggested Facebook, and this is one that I chose to focus on. I feel that Facebook allows a business to link to so many different people who otherwise may have never heard about a business. Facebook also has ads just like google provides on their search result pages. The Facebook ad system seems to be sort of based off of Googles ad system because they are so similar. I am unsure of the cost, but it is something I plan to look more into.

W11: Weekly Reflection

As another week passes, I am stuck pondering the future of the skills that I am learning in this web business creation class. We have learned so many useful abilities to be able to make and maintain a successful website. We have learned what is a good keyword, and what makes a good ad. We have learned to use tools like google Adwords, and backlink checker (which I will go into in just a bit). All in all, this has been a very insightful class with all the many things that there are to learn about web businesses.

This weeks focus was on Landing Page Optimization and Website Optimizer as well as Search Engine Optimization.

Now at first, I thought that the title was referring to the search engine itself. I learned quickly that what it really meant was optimizing out webpages to gain a better ranking on the search engines. Search engines are like mass encyclopedias that must know the information about every website that is on the web. Now as this is a huge task, search engines will rank pages higher because of usefulness as well as the ease of finding information on the site. There are a huge number of ways to increase ranking , but a few that I chose were to include keywords on my webpages as many times as I could possible without making it seem overwhelming. Another easy way that I chose to optimize my webpages for the search engines was to inlaced the URL words on every page. This is supposed to increase the relevance of the pages so that they directly relate back to the URL of the page.

W10: Weekly Reflection

As week 10 comes to a close, I have been pondering the future of my site. The skills that I have learned from this Website Creation course have been very interesting and I know that they will prove to be very profitable in the future with businesses that I am a part of or create. With the current business of producing video blogs, I feel that have a website is sort of a waste because there are video hosting sites that will do what I need for free and even pay me for bring traffic to their site. The number one that people use being YouTube. I know that I will want to sell some kind of merchandise in the future with my logo on it, but I feel that will happen after I am out of school next year. My goal is to be self employed within about a year. I do not want to be away from my family that is growing.

This week the assignments were based on conversion trading and what it takes to optimize the ads that have been created to advertise for the website I have create. Conversion tracking is being able to track the number and demographics of the people who click on a certain part of my website. This is a valuable tool to be able to see how many people and who is actually clicking on things that are on the interior of the website. We could already see the people who came to our site, but this lets us know what is more popular within the site itself. I feel that this is a great tool to tell the site owner what is doing well on a site and what is not or what people are not interested. This can also tell the site owner that they are advertising to only a specific group of people that care about only a part of the website. I could then go and make another ad in my campaign to try to attract a crown to the parts of my site that are not getting viewed as much.

Optimizing ads and keywords is a bit tricky as there is only guidelines to follow, but everything being advertised will be different when it comes to the “proper keywords”. The goal is to not be too broad so that it attracts lots of people that do not want to be at your site, but not too vague so that people who might buy something at your website won’t see the ad in their search terms. It is a skill that will take time to master, but I feel I have a pretty good grasp on the concept.


W09: Weekly Reflection

As we continue working to refine our websites, we are constantly learning new and exciting tools to advance our ability and the amount of information we can collect from those who visit our websites. Much knowledge is needed to directly target the consumer group that we intend to reach. Information such as customer demographics, preferences, and tendencies are all great ways of tailoring an advertisement for the specific consumer group or groups that we intend to. When a product is advertised to the wrong group, it will “fall upon deaf ears” as my dad used to say. This meaning that if we are not looking for the product or service, then we will most likely keep scrolling past the ad.

We have begun to use a very powerful tool called Google Analytics with our websites and have dove into the usefulness of the tool. We are able to easily seem many of the items I discussed above about the people who venture to our site. This will help us to plan and know what we are doing right and be able to fix the things that we are doing incorrectly.

We also looked at Ad Relevance and Quality scoring this week. This is an idea that Google tells us directly relates to the overall effectiveness of the ad that we are showing in the search results. The higher the score is, the better the ad or keywords are. Although this seems like arbitrary numbers that Google is throwing out, I feel that it must hold some weight considering the amount of traffic Google is able to generate.

W08: Weekly Reflection

Another week has now passed. This middle semester stretch seems like things slow down a bit just before everything is due before finals. We only had one assignment this week and a discussion board to go along with it instead of the normal two. The goal this week was to nail down our text ad that will be shown by Google through our Google Adwords campaign. This can be a bit tricky as we do not want to get hosed by having tons of people click on the ad, yet not actually buy anything. It is slightly different for my site as the primary form of income will come from advertising. In my opinion, the more clicks, the more traffic, and the more people will want to advertise with me. I am working with three people that own businesses that have committed to creating ads for my site that I will run on the sidebars.

I have been working on making videos to post on my site as well. I had not clue how hard it is to remember to pull out the camera and record footage to use. It is definitely a work in progress. I hope that by the end of the semester I will be able to put of daily blogs as so many people already do on the web. I am excited for the documentation of my life and my family that this undertaking will provide for me.

W07: Weekly Reflection

This week was based on a couple assignments that were very helpful in the my attempt to advertise for my newly created website. It is still a work progress, but here is the Url link.


We did some work with Google Adwords as we dive deeper into the marketing aspect of an online business. Google Adwords is a very powerful tool that uses keywords, which can be positive or negative, to attract the correct audience to a website. A positive Adword is a word or phrase that will bring consumers to a website that are actually looking for the things that are actually being sold or advertised on the website. If this is done correctly, the Adword will attract only people who are potential buyers. If done incorrectly, this could cost a lot of money due to people clicking the misleading ad and then clicking the back button to go to where they actually want to be. A negative adword helps to deter your ad from being seen by people who might be mislead. A well put together Adwords campaign will optimally use the amount of money put out by the website owner, without wasting money on clicked from people who are not looking for what a website is selling.

W06: Weekly Reflection

This week was a bit of a struggle as we push forward with the building of our websites and figuring out the licensing/legal aspects of the business. Living in Idaho has proven to be quite simple for starting an online business. I have run across minimal restrictions. However, it was quite difficult to find the required information on the internet. A big problem that I came across is the misinformation or possibly outdated info that conflicted amongst the pages that I looked at. Some said things that were completely contrary to government websites. The website building project is due this week. This has been a struggle for me with the numerous other assignments that I have going on. On next weeks blog post, I will post the URL to my website so that anyone reading can see it and understand my ideas presented previously.

W05: Weekly Reflection

This concludes another week of this Web Business Creation class. I have learned so much about starting a web business form these first 5 weeks of this class. As we are currently building our websites, we are presented with opportunities to display our gained knowledge and produce a website that we can be proud of.

This week covered the concepts of the site guidelines and being able to accept credit card payments through our websites. The site guidelines turned out to be the common mistakes and successes of other websites that we found on the web. This could include site layout, different features, colors, or even that format of how the website should function for a particular business model. The credit card payment activity had us go to Paypal and create a shopping cart button that uses Paypal to accept payments. This is a great way for start-up businesses to get a cheap and easy solution for accepting payment online. The only problem that I found with it was that if the company is large enough to hire a person to do that same job Paypal does, then the company could potentially ave money.

Next week I will post the URL to the website that I have built. I hope that everyone who reads this is doing well.

W04: Weekly Reflection

This marks the end of week 4 of this B250 Course here at BYU-I. I am finally starting to pick up on the format of this online class and it’s requirements. Every week we have two assignments and two discussion boards that apply to the assignments.

This week’s assignments were about choosing a site builder for our online business and choosing a hosting site that will host our website. For the builder, I chose Wix.com because of simplicity and customization options of it. As for a hosting site, I chose to go with GoDaddy.com. I have worked with GoDaddy one time before, so that made it familiar to me. Also, it was the cheapest of the three that I chose to research and compare. GoDaddy also offers a $100 credit for Google AdWords when one puts in $25 in first. This will extensively help with advertising throughout the semester.

We also turned in a project this week that was titled, “Choosing a Product.” We used an excel spreadsheet to analyze and compare 20 business ideas that we had. The spreadsheet did all the calculations and comparing for us as we put in the information that we would like to compare. In the end, we were left with a few ideas that were viable and that we could choose to pursue for our website.